Soda. Bleach. Lemonade. Oil. Yogurt. Carrot Juice. Sour Cream. Antibacterial-Wipes. Coffee. Sriracha. Shampoo. Tomato Juice. Peanuts.

Renacimiento, 2018
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My mother’s obsession with plants manifested into the series, Renacimiento, which translates from Spanish to ‘Rebirth.’ By using her green thumb and innate creativity, she transforms what is known as commercial mass-produced single use items into practical pots that allow life a new opportunity to flourish. When thinking about a highly unnatural and environmentally harmful material such as plastic, I imagine an unconscious world consumed by pollution. Plants however, generate thoughts of connection and knowledge where a sustainable future is attainable. By symbolically intertwining the two, the contrast may serve as a reminder to remain attentive and responsible, but to most importantly take action if we wish to live in a better world.